Judicial decision on UK arms to Saudi Arabia sets back arms control 25 years

Publicado: 10th Julio 2017

In response to a High Court decision that UK arms exports to Saudi Arabia can continue, Mark Goldring, Chief Executive of Oxfam GB said: “The result of the Judicial Review into UK arms sales to Saudi Arabia for its use in Yemen is hugely disappointing. The court has not said that British arms have not killed civilians but has given the Government discretion to continue to sell arms. 

“This sets back arms control 25 years and gives ministers free reign to sell arms to countries even where there is clear evidence they are breaching international humanitarian law. With little legal oversight on arms sales it is now imperative that Parliament holds the Government to account. 

“The risk of fathers, mothers, sons and daughters having their lives cut short will continue in Yemen due to UK exported weapons. People’s homes and local markets will continue to be bombed. And if the bombs don’t kill them hunger and disease will. 

“So much evidence has been presented in this case of the devastating impact on Yemen from selling arms to Saudi Arabia. There is a clear moral case for the Government to suspend its sales. It must now put its diplomatic weight behind a search for peace.” 

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