Reaction to remarks by Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron at Bonn climate summit

Publicado: 15th Noviembre 2017

Government leaders, ministers, and other representatives from countries participating in the COP 23 climate summit in Bonn spoke at the start of the "high-level segment."

Reacting to remarks by German chancellor Angela Merkel, Jan Kowalzig, Oxfam Germany’s climate change policy lead said:

“Angela Merkel referred to Germany’s 2020 emission reduction target, but failed to explain how her next government plans to avoid the looming embarrassment of missing that target by a wide margin. This would have been a powerful way to show she’s dedicated to meeting the Paris Agreement.

“With political parties in Berlin gridlocked over plans to phase out the country’s oldest and dirtiest coal power plants, Merkel needs to show how she’ll live up to the very public promises that she’s made.


Reacting to remarks by French president Emmanuel Macron, Armelle Le Comte, Oxfam France’s climate policy lead said:

“Climate leadership is about concrete actions, not just rhetoric. Without any new announcements on finance for climate-vulnerable communities, it appears Emmanuel Macron came empty-handed to Bonn.

“Macron has organized a separate summit in Paris next month; this is his opportunity to commit to doubling France’s funding for climate adaptation and finally adopt the European financial transaction tax. Doing so would send a strong signal that he’s serious about following through on his words."


Reacting to remarks by Acting Assistant Secretary Judith Garber, Jesse Young, senior advisor at Oxfam America said:

“Today, the U.S. said it remains open to staying in Paris, and wants to help the world address the challenges of climate change. But until they cease their efforts to leave Paris and actually invest in policies to fight climate impacts — today’s statement will be worth little more than the paper on which it was written.”

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