President Trump touts his 'Billionaires First' policy in Davos

Publicado: 26th Enero 2018
 In reaction to President Trump’s speech at the World Economic Forum in Davos today, Winnie Byanyima, Director of Oxfam International made the following statement: “President Trump’s boastful sales pitch was a victory lap for the trillions of tax cuts that the wealthy elites and corporations have clamored for. The evidence is clear: these tax cuts are looting the US treasury to enrich the 1 percent. “Yes, global markets are breaking records, but gains are overwhelmingly going to the richest, while leaving the rest of the world to fight over crumbs. “The President who claims to be fighting for the forgotten men and women is really seeking the approval of the world’s elites. "President Trump may be an extreme example of a leader shaping an economy that works for the few but he is not alone - the choices of government leaders around the world is fueling the inequality crisis to frightening levels. “We need an economy that works for the majority: that guarantees a living wage to workers, that ensures corporations and the super-rich pay their fair share of tax and in which women workers have same rights as men. We need our governments run for the benefit of ordinary people – not billionaires.”

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