The Adaptation Challenge

Key issues for crop production and agricultural livelihoods under climate change in the Russian Federation

Publication date: 15 novembre 2012
Auteur: Sergey Bobylev, Professor of Economics, Lomonosov State University; Sergey Kiselev, Professor of Economics, Eurasian Centre for Food Security, Lomonosov State University; Roman Romashkin, Associate Professor of Economics, Eurasian Centre for Food Security

Climate change has serious implications for global food production and food security. This report uses data on current changes and future climate scenarios to examine possible impacts on crop production in the Russian Federation. It considers what measures Russia might need to make to achieve its aim of playing a leading role in ensuring global food security. 

Oxfam carried out interviews with farmers in Russia to research ways in which they are adapting to new climatic conditions and to identify the problems those conditions are posing, particularly to smallholders. This report considers what more should be done to support their efforts to boost their resilience and contribute to national food security.