Queer community in crisis: trauma, inequality and vulnerability

Fecha de publicación: 24 Junio 2021
Authors: Nizar Aouad, Dana Abed, Hadi Naal

On August 4, 2020, Lebanon was ravaged by a disastrous blast in Beirut’s port, resulting in over 200 deaths and 6500 injuries, and causing massive destruction over a 10km radius from the explosion site.

Oxfam conducted a research study aiming at understanding the impact of the series of crises on the livelihoods and wellbeing of queer individuals.

Primary data collected from LGBTQI-focused Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and from queer individuals right after the explosion has pointed to an overwhelmingly negative impact of the blast, as well as the economic crisis and the COVID-19 outbreak, on the LGBTQI community, particularly in terms of their access to basic services, resources, and safe spaces.