Taxing for a more equal Kenya: a five-point action plan to tackle inequality

Fecha de publicación: 6 Diciembre 2017
Autor/a: Catherine Ngina Mutava, Bernadette Wanjala

Extreme inequality is out of control in Kenya. Less than 0.1% of the population (8,300 people) own more wealth than the bottom 99.9% (more than 44 million people). Tackling inequality could help to lift millions out of poverty, secure sustainable economic growth and bring the country together. Inequality is not inevitable and the government can reduce it to sustainable levels.

This report argues that if Kenya increased its tax-to-GDP ratio by 3 percentage points in 2014 it could have raised enough additional funds to ensure quality healthcare for all Kenyans. By delivering on Oxfam’s five-point action plan to tax and spend effectively, the government would ensure a more equal and prosperous future for all Kenyans.