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  • Chhatiya is a young mother who lives in an urban slum in Patna in northeast India. With her husband they were forced into debt to pay private healthcare fees for their new-born son when the public clinic was unable to provide the care he needed.

    India: extreme inequality in numbers

    21 May 2019
  • Laxmi Thapa, of Kanchanpur, works in a sand and gravel mine to  make a  small  income. Photo: Oxfam

    Fighting inequality in Nepal: the road to prosperity

    11 January 2019
  • Despite an impressive economic growth since 2005, poverty still affects millions of people’s lives in Kenya.

    Taxing for a more equal Kenya: a five-point action plan to tackle inequality

    6 December 2017
  • Rachel Oichoe, 9, attends class at Jaombi Foundation School, Kenya.

    The case for a billionaire tax

    9 January 2017
  • One of many Ebola billboards in Freetown sharing prevention messages on how to stop the spread of Ebola

    Ebola and the Private Sector

    9 December 2014
  • A Dangerous Diversion

    7 April 2014