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Oxfam International’s European Union office in Brussels fights inequality and injustice. We advocate for decision-makers in EU institutions and European countries to make EU policies that fight the inequality that keeps people locked in a cycle of poverty.   

We advocate for just and fairer economies. We strive for gender justice and for the rights of women and girls in all their diversity. We fight for climate justice and create safe spaces that allow people to hold the powerful to account. Rooted in communities, we tackle the causes and consequences of disaster and conflict.

The EU must fight the rising inequality between rich and poor, between women and men, which now threatens the progress made on poverty eradication in Europe and beyond.

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The EU must commit to becoming a zero-carbon economy by 2050 and increase its funding for international action to fight the climate emergency which is the greatest threat to our planet and people.

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The EU and its member states must uphold the rights of people seeking asylum in Europe, and work with partner countries to ensure all women, men and children who are displaced have access to the protection they need and are kept safe from exploitation.

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The primary purposes of EU aid must be poverty eradication and a principled humanitarian response. Rights-based, sustainable development should be the overarching priority for the EU’s external action agenda.

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The European Union has a crucial opportunity to lead the way with ambitious political action to overcome the virus and an economic recovery in Europe and beyond that is green, fair and builds global resilience to future crises.

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