Europe must lead on climate action

The climate emergency is the greatest threat to humanity and to our planet.

The climate emergency is the greatest threat to humanity and to our planet. Hundreds of millions of people across the world are already suffering as a result of the climate crisis, and the poorest communities who have contributed least to global emissions are first and hardest hit, with women bearing the heaviest burden.

And yet, people living in the poorest countries receive less than EUR 3 per year – not even one cent per day – to protect themselves from the devastating impacts of the climate crisis. If EU politicians do not take the necessary action immediately, more people will go hungry, more people will be forced from their homes and more people will die.

Europe not on track to reach the 1.5°C climate target

Europe and the world are not on track to reach the 1.5°C target of the Paris Agreement. It is essential that EU leaders introduce and encourage policies that help the world keep the temperature rise below 1.5°C.

EU governments must increase the EU’s 2030 climate target and commit to reduce emissions by at least 65%. Before 2050, Europe must entirely decarbonize all sectors of its economy. These are major changes to the EU’s climate policy, and they should be finalised in the first quarter of 2020. Only then will they create the momentum for other countries to follow suit.

To help developing countries increase their climate targets and cope with the climate crisis, it is also critical that European countries scale up their climate finance. Furthermore, EU politicians must ensure that fighting the climate crisis goes hand in hand with fighting poverty, by putting a stop to false solutions which fuel poverty through land grabs to grow crops for energy or carbon storage.