EU Aid Must Work For People In Need

Millions of people worldwide are affected by human rights violations, conflict and natural disasters, and even more need support to lift themselves out of poverty.

Millions of people worldwide face human rights violations and need support to lift themselves out of poverty

However, in recent years, the EU’s commitment to combat these global issues has been overshadowed by its short-sighted preoccupation with ‘tackling migration’. Oxfam advocates for EU aid to be used for its intended purpose of ending poverty, and it not redirected to curb migration to Europe.

Other disturbing trends in EU foreign and development policy include the growing emphasis on securitisation and privatisation of aid as well as the establishment of trade partnerships that benefit elites and businesses in Europe rather than ordinary people in aid-recipient countries.

The EU must prioritise human rights, sustainable development and the fight against inequality in its foreign policy

It should focus on the countries and people most in need and empower individuals to shape the policies and actions that influence their lives, as well as hold those in power accountable.

The EU should particularly support civil society and human rights defenders, especially women’s organisations and women human rights defenders. Women and girls play a pivotal role in building strong societies, yet they are at the greatest risk of discrimination, harassment and abuse.