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Oxfam International’s European Union office in Brussels works to influence decision-makers in the EU institutions and member states to ensure that European policies affecting developing and crisis-hit countries have a positive impact on the lives and livelihoods of those in need.

For decades, the European Union has been a major political force globally that has promoted peace, democracy and shared prosperity in its foreign policy. However, recent years have seen the EU turn inwards, implementing policies that respond to short-term political agendas within Europe rather than supporting human rights and sustainable development to the benefit of all people.

As countries around the world struggle to tackle the spread of the coronavirus, Europe can lead in the fight to contain the pandemic with visionary political leadership, and to use the recovery as an opportunity to make the world a better place. Oxfam believes that the EU can develop policy based on its founding values of human dignity and equality of opportunity, which work for both its members and its global partners.European politicians must act now to meet the commitments of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the Grand Bargain on Humanitarian Action.

Concretely, Oxfam is asking the European Parliament, the governments of EU member states and the European Commission to address four key priorities in the years 2019 to 2024:

The EU must fight the rising inequality between rich and poor, between women and men, which now threatens the progress made on poverty eradication in Europe and beyond.

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The EU must commit to becoming a zero-carbon economy by 2050 and increase its funding for international action to fight the climate emergency which is the greatest threat to our planet and people.

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The EU and its member states must uphold the rights of people seeking asylum in Europe, and work with partner countries to ensure all women, men and children who are displaced have access to the protection they need and are kept safe from exploitation.

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EU countries must abandon plans to include migration cooperation as a condition for trade benefits with third countries. Read our joint letter signed by 20 NGOs.

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The primary purposes of EU aid must be poverty eradication and a principled humanitarian response. Rights-based, sustainable development should be the overarching priority for the EU’s external action agenda.

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The European Union has a crucial opportunity to lead the way with ambitious political action to overcome the virus and an economic recovery in Europe and beyond that is green, fair and builds global resilience to future crises.

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Upcoming events and releases: March

DATE TBC– Biofuels – Reaction: The EU will try to reach an agreement on the Renewable Energy Directive, the EU law that prioritises burning crops for fuel, instead of for food. Oxfam will publish a media reaction and Oxfam EU climate expert, Julie Bos, is available for comment. The trialogues start on 6 March and could continue into April.  

9 March – Biofuels – Brief and event: Transport and Environment, Birdlife and Oxfam will publish a brief on the amount of land wasted because of the EU’s biofuel policy. Journalists are invited to a media briefing to explain the report. Please reach out for more details.

9 March – Migration – Comment: European ministers of Justice and Home Affairs will meet to discuss the latest migration proposals. Oxfam will follow this meeting.

13 March – Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence – Comment: MEPs on the Legal Affairs Committee of the European Parliament will vote on a new law to keep business accountable. Oxfam’s economic justice expert, Marc-Olivier Herman, is available for comment.

16 March – Syria and Turkiye earthquake – Comment: The EU will host a donor conference in Brussels to drum up aid for Syria and Turkiye following the devastating earthquake in February. This coincides with 12 years of conflict in Syria. Oxfam humanitarian expert, Vittorio Infante, will be available for comment.

16 to 17 March – Venezuela humanitarian crisis conference – Comment: The EU will host a donor conference in Brussels to gather support for the Venezuelan humanitarian response. Representatives from Oxfam Latin America and Caribbean platforms will be available for comment.

26 March – 8 years of Yemen Conflict – Report: Oxfam will publish a report on the worsening economic situation in Yemen after 8 years of conflict. Oxfam EU humanitarian expert, Vittorio Infante, will be available for interview and comment.

23 to 24 March – European Council – Comment: We will follow the migration discussions. Oxfam is available for comment.

Read the full monthly media advisory for March and April. 

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