Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) is located in South-eastern Europe in the western Balkans. It has a population of 3.8 million. Currently the country is undergoing the complicated and sensitive process of state-building and economic, political and social transition. The country has widespread poverty and social adversity, with an unemployment rate of 44.5% and around 18% of people living below the poverty line.

Oxfam in Bosnia and Herzegovina

We have been present in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) since the early 1990’s. Our work is based on the needs of local communities, identified through years of experience and collaboration with partners in the region. We envision citizens empowered by a stronger civil society, a responsible private sector and accountable government/s, where all people have access to economic-socio-cultural and natural resources that allow them to live life with dignity.

We work to improve opportunities and create a supportive environment for smallholder farmers and small-scale enterprises, to promote fairer and sustainable socio-economic development. Tackling the growing problems of climate change and misuse of natural resources is vital as they increase the risk of disasters in the region. We are supporting the improved implementation of environmental standards and innovative natural resources management, to impact on climate change and increase the resilience of vulnerable women and men in rural and urban areas.

We are addressing the risk of unemployment and the constant risk of an increase in the number of families falling below the poverty line by improving access to better opportunities and resources for the most vulnerable.

Our approach

We apply innovative solutions and support pioneering activities, embraced by local communities and leaders for lasting impact on local development.

We work with partners and allies from civil society, public and private sectors and government, to find solutions for sustainable and high impact human development.

There are four basic approaches we apply in our work in Bosnia and Herzegovina:

Participatory approach and social equity: those most impacted should actively participate in the decision making process. 

Empowering: Citizens should be empowered to make informed decisions and choices that will help them overcome common problems. 

Networking: Networking is essential for sharing and learning about existing experiences in the same sector and should help identify and develop better practices and policies. 

Public-private partnership: The public-private partnership model helps save money on public expenditure, and encourages local civil society to become a leader in the problem solving process regarding its communities.

From our offices in Sarajevo and Shkoder  we are managing interventions in the whole region.

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