• Flooded futures: paying the price for the super-rich’s luxury lifestyles

    Blog by Amitabh Behar,
    5 July 2024
  • European Parliament building

    EU elections: now more than ever, people and the planet must come first

    Blog by Evelien van Roemburg
    10 June 2024
  • Destruction in the Gaza Strip

    Six Months of Violence and Siege for 2.3 Million Palestinians in Gaza

    19 April 2024
  • Overview of Kule camp, one of the seven refugee camps located in Gambella, western Ethiopia- home to nearly 400,000 refugees displaced by the conflict in South Sudan

    Out of sight : Displacement and survival in Gambella, Ethiopia

    Blog by Oxfam
    21 March 2024
  • 4 women are talking and smiling

    The 2024 European Humanitarian Forum – Oxfam’s expectations

    Blog by Evelien van Roemburg
    18 March 2024
  • Heart Shaped

    Leticia's blog / Love Letter

    Blog by Oxfam
    14 February 2024
  • Refugees

    The Global Refugee Forum Must Address the Priorities of Refugees in Major Refugee-Hosting Countries

    Blog by Oxfam-KEDV
    15 December 2023
  • Cocoa Beans

    When our festive theme chocolates are not so "festive” after all

    Blog by Ratri Kusumohartono
    14 December 2023
  • cover image

    One hundred local food plants for improving nutrition

    13 December 2023
  • Gaza crisis

    The situation in Gaza

    Blog by Oxfam NOVIB
    16 October 2023
  • Budgeting for failure

    Blog by Jeroen Kwakkenbos
    19 September 2023
  • Behind the Indian triple train tragedy: reflections of an aid worker

    Blog by Oxfam in Asia
    18 August 2023
  • DRC CD

    A talk with Justine Gomis Tossou - Oxfam Country Director in Congo

    18 August 2023
  • Grain

    Ukraine’s grain deal halt and how to truly help developing countries - OPED

    Blog by Nout van der Vaart
    2 August 2023
  • Shipment leaves the Supply Centre for Ukraine

    Rising waters, rising needs: local organizations at the forefront of the response to the Ukraine’s dam explosion

    Blog by Oxfam
    4 July 2023
  • Hekima

    Hope Amid Chaos- Hekima’s Story of Resilience and Compassion

    Blog by Fatuma Noor
    19 June 2023
  • GRN

    Moving From Compassion To Action

    Blog by Op-Ed by Anila Noor & Mary Tal
    19 June 2023
  • Nadia

    Amid the hostility to Roma refugees, an act of compassion

    Blog by Padmini Iyer
    19 June 2023
  • Hunger stories

    Hunger Success Stories - Burkina Faso

    Blog by Barry Kadidiatou
    19 June 2023
  • Ethiopia

    In Western Ethiopia, a Leader Helps Promote Independence and Safety Among Women Refugees.

    Blog by Chris Hufstader
    19 June 2023