What we believe

Christina, 23, lives in Tambalug (Ghana). She grows maize and she was shown how to make compost as part of the CRAFS (Climate Resilient Agriculture and Food Systems) program. Credit: Nana Kofi Acquah/Oxfam

“We are a movement that won’t live with poverty”.

Who we are

Oxfam is a global movement of people working together to build a future where everybody enjoys equal rights and has enough to eat every day. Together with our partners, we are working in more than 90 countries to build this positive future now. We save, protect and rebuild lives in times of crisis, support lasting solutions to poverty, tackle inequality and stand up together to break down the barriers that keep people poor. 

What we believe in

The power of people fighting inequality to beat poverty

We have a vision of a just world, a world where people are valued and treated equally, a world without poverty. We want a more equal world where a life of dignity and opportunity is not a privilege for some, but a right for everyone. To beat poverty, we must all have the power to influence decisions affecting our lives.

And we believe this world is within our grasp. Although the number of people going hungry is once more on the rise, extreme poverty has halved—in just 15 years. Today there are more people living without poverty than ever before. More communities are able to survive disasters. More girls are getting an education. More families have cleaner water. Working together we can still be the generation that ends this extreme poverty and reaches toward eradicating the injustice of poverty for everyone, everywhere.

We must act now, continue to act, and act together.

Find out how we are tackling inequality to beat poverty

Child Club students. Nepal. Credit: Aurélie Marrier d'Unienville/Oxfam

Students of the Child Club at the high school in a village in Nepalgunj district, Nepal, where OXFAM partner SAC is working in gender transformation to protect & empower girls, promote inclusive education, and a reduction in child marriage & violence against women.

Oxfam is committed to working with partners, allies, and communities in need to get us back on track, to create lasting solutions to the underlying causes, and to beat poverty once and for all.

Our Mission

Our purpose is to help create lasting solutions to the injustice of poverty. We are part of a global movement for change, empowering people to create a future that is secure, just and free from poverty. And we are building this positive future now.

Our values

Our values are at the core of everything we do:

Everyone, from our staff and supporters to people living in poverty, should feel they can make change happen.

We take full responsibility for our actions and hold ourselves accountable. We believe that others - individuals as well as companies and governments - should also be held accountable for their actions.

We seek out partnership and embrace inclusive decision-making. We believe everyone has a contribution to make, regardless of visible and invisible differences.

Paulina Sibanda sits with her daughter Tafara* (9) outside their home in Zvishevane region, Zimbabwe. Credit:Aurelie Marrier d'Unienville/Oxfam

Paulina Sibanda sits with her daughter Tafara outside their home in Zvishevane region, Zimbabwe. Paulina is a beneficiary of the Oxfam We-Care project and received a fuel-efficient wood stove and as well as a solar panel. Credit: Aurelie Marrier d'Unienville/Oxfam

Our guiding principles

Oxfam’s mission and work are rights-based and grounded in our commitment to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the associated Treaties and Covenants.

We believe that with these rights secured all of us can act to make the world a better place.

The right to life and security

Conflict, natural disasters, climate change, and poverty drives millions from their homes each year. They have a right to safety, a livelihood, and essential aid.  

The right to a sustainable livelihood

We live in a world of plenty, no one need go hungry. 

The right to essential services

More than half the world’s population have no access to social protection. We should all have access to healthcare and a basic safety net.

The right to be heard

Poverty and inequality diminish the voices of those in need of being heard. We want everybody to have a say in their lives, in their future.

The right to an identity

We all have a right to an identity, to exist, as citizens who can make changes, and as individuals who should be treated equally regardless of who they are.