Join the community of #ClimateChangers

Nurjahan (45) collecting wood to sell for food after cyclone Bulbul. Gabura, Shamnagar. Photo: Fabeha Monir/Oxfam

The climate crisis is here and now, already wrecking the lives of millions of people worldwide. Every day, the devastating impacts of climate change are being felt. And not equally. The richest people are plundering the planet and polluting for profit while others suffer. People living in poverty, who did the least to cause the crisis, suffer the most. Discrimination means that it’s often women who pay the highest price. Young people everywhere are seeing their futures stolen.

Every one of us has a part to play

The global climate movement is fighting this injustice – and every person and organization has a role. Oxfam is rising too as part of this movement. With the help of millions of supporters worldwide, we’re already saving lives on the frontline of the climate crisis and pushing governments to act.

Now we want to team up with you to do more. We demand faster, fairer emissions cuts now – not vague vows for the future. We demand proper support for the people hit hardest by climate breakdown. And a radically different economic system that protects people and planet.

Movements of ordinary people change the course of history. Together, we can all be #ClimateChangers and play our part in fighting the climate crisis – and we can demand powerful politicians and businesses do the same. Join us today.

Top photo: Fabeha Monir/Oxfam