End the suffering behind your food

Oxfam Behind the Price campaign

Behind the food we buy are millions of people who grow, catch and process it, passing it along a supply chain until it ends up in our homes. But in a global food industry worth trillions of dollars, far too many of the women and men behind our food are being forced into lives of hardship and suffering, working long hours in inhumane conditions for little reward.

The burden of this injustice falls more heavily on women. They do most of the lowest paid and least secure jobs, and face discrimination over pay and conditions

Human suffering should never be an ingredient in the food we eat.

Help us challenge those in power to make sure small-scale farmers, fishers and workers who produce our food are being treated and paid fairly. The more of us that choose to stand with the people producing the food we buy, the sooner we can start to take the suffering out of our shopping.