Say 'Enough' to violence against women and girls


Every minute of the day, violence is devastating the lives of millions of women and girls around the world. It is a global crisis, already affecting one in three women in their lifetime, devastating their lives and fracturing communities.

Violence against women and girls knows no boundaries of geography or culture - but those living in poverty face higher levels of abuse. It is rooted in the inequality between men and women that women and girls face throughout their lives.

Some believe that violence toward women and girls is not their business. Some believe it is even normal. Many don’t challenge it – even if they think it’s not acceptable.

But everywhere in the world, people are standing up and speaking out. Women’s rights organizations are already saving lives in tackling violence against women and girls. We stand with them to call for all women, men, girls and boys to say ‘Enough’ to violence against women and girls.

Together we can change these harmful beliefs. What is learned can be unlearned.

Join us to #SayEnough

We can all help stop violence against women in our everyday lives. By speaking out, by discussing the issue on social media, in public and at home, we can improve people’s understanding of the matter and challenge attitudes and beliefs. Join the conversation and help us spread the word!

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