A worker who helped to construct coastal defences in  Tarawa, Kiribati

Kiribati, classified by the UN as a Least Developed County, lies South of Hawai’i in the north pacific and this geography is the cause of many of the development challenges that they face. The highest point in Kiribati is just 3m above sea level and it is highly vulnerable to climate change and weather events. 

The economy is fragile and depends on aid and remittances. The population is highly dependent on imported food and fuel. Government funds derive mostly from the sale of fishing licences and the cost of living is high. 

 Oxfam in Kiribati

Oxfam is currently reinforcing its relationships with local actors, such as Natural Disaster management Offices (NDMOs) and local Red Cross societies so that Oxfam can support them during eventual humanitarian responses.

We are working to improve public health and wellbeing as well as looking for ways to support communities which are affected by natural disasters. We are increasing access to safe drinking water with self-cleaning bio-digester toilets. This will reduce open defecation, which pollutes local water sources. There will be a lower risk of disease and compost from the toilets will be used to improve the poor quality of soil and make the land more fertile for agriculture.