Rural sustainable energy development project. Zimbabwe

After years of political, social and economic turmoil the economy in Zimbabwe has started stabilising. Basic commodities and food are now available but high prices mean that poor, rural areas still can’t afford to buy food and unpredictable weather is making it harder to produce crops.

Oxfam in Zimbabwe

Oxfam is working to tackle the root causes of poverty in Zimbabwe. This means we are also working to reduce marginalisation and helping Zimbabweans enjoy their rights so that they can lead a dignified life.

Oxfam believes in working with other international organisations and other actors throughout society to help contribute to a stronger civil society in Zimbabwe. Our work recognises the importance of a collective responsibility and is part of a broad process which supports and sustains citizen empowerment and national development.

Focus of our work

Our objectives in Zimbabwe

  1. Secure livelihoods- To help small holder farmers, especially women and youths in programme regions, to have the capacity to manage risks and to achieve food security.
  2. Empowerment- To empower marginalised women and youths so that they become active citizens so that they are able to challenge unequal power relations and influence important decisions about their community’s natural and public resources.
  3. Gender Justice- To enable women to claim their rights to leadership and economic empowerment as well as their sexual and reproductive health rights.
  4. Humanitarian response- To work with partners to respond to humanitarian crises, helping to reduce the risks faced by vulnerable households and to improve their ability to recover after a crisis has struck.

To get more information about Oxfam's work in Zimbabwe please visit our web page www.oxfaminzimbabwe.org.