Oxfam reaction to UN high-level meeting announcement on Syria peace talks

Statement from Oxfam America President Raymond C. Offenheiser:

The Syrian people have cried out for peace for more than two years, and the world has finally answered their pleas. Announcing a date range for the Geneva II peace talks brings us closer to a much-needed resolution to the conflict in Syria.

Secretary Kerry and Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov now have a real opportunity to help bring an end to the death, displacement, and suffering taking place.

For these talks to be a success, all parts of Syrian society must be adequately represented, including non-military actors who will be crucial in the rebuilding and reconstruction of their country. All countries must cease providing weapons to the Syrian government and opposition groups, as these arms fuel the conflict and are a serious impediment to peace.

Parties to the conflict should use the momentum of this week's diplomatic marathon to agree to a ceasefire. A ceasefire would help to create the much-needed space for meaningful negotiations and help alleviate the increasingly desperate humanitarian situation. With 100,000 people killed and millions displaced and living as refugees in neighboring countries, the Syrian people cannot wait any longer for an end to this conflict.

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Oxfam America
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