All apart, all together: a glimpse into the festive season around the world

David Argueta and his family

This year David Argueta and his family will not celebrate Christmas in their house. The hurricanes Eta and Iota wreaked havoc on all of Central America, and destroyed a big part of their property. Despite being left with nothing, the tiny bit of hope they have keeps them optimistic. Next year they hope to rebuild their house and continue living there. Photo: Seth Berry/Oxfam

This year's festive period is like no other. The Covid-19 pandemic and its economic fallout have impacted all of us, some far more than others. Millions are bracing for this festive season with little or no food, as their income got cut. Some have lost their loved ones to the disease.

Here are some stories showing how vulnerable people around the world are celebrating this year. The holidays have united them in their hope for a better future, despite all the hardship.

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