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Although it is classified as a middle income country, Honduras has one of the highest poverty levels in Latin America, fourth after Nicaragua, Guatemala, and Haiti. Despite its enormous productive potential, economic growth has been very erratic and has not been consistently maintained at the level needed to reduce poverty in a sustainable manner.

Wealth and political power are concentrated in a few elite. So the possibilities are limited development processes of economic, political, social, and improve the ability of most people to fully enjoy a wide range of rights, beginning with the most fundamental rights to life and good nutrition.

Honduras is the second largest and most mountainous country in Central America. Its land area is 112,492 km2 and it has a population of around 7.8 million inhabitants.

Oxfam in Honduras

We began working in Honduras in response to the Hurricane Mitch emergency in 1998 and continued there during the recovery phase. Since then, our aim in Honduras is to contribute to reducing rural poverty, exclusion, and gender violence by acting as catalyst for change, providing opportunities for dialogue, and building partnerships between civil society actors.

We focus our work in Honduras on:

  • Economic justice - helping ensure food security and sustainable livelihoods for small producers.
  • Democratic governance - strengthing analysis and advocacy skills as well as the political participation of civil society.
  • Gender equity and justice.
  • Disaster prevention and response.
  • Adaptation to climate change.