Chile Government Cancels UN Climate Summit – Oxfam Reaction

Published: 30th October 2019

Responding to the decision by the government of Chile not to host the UN Climate Change Summit in December 2019 following weeks of social unrest, Asier Hernando, Deputy Director of Oxfam in Latin America and the Caribbean said:

“Oxfam supports the right of the Chilean people to peaceful protest, and their right to demand that their government works in the interests of all citizens and not just a fortunate few.  We condemn the heavy-handed response of the Chilean government to the protests.”

“The same flawed economic policies that have sparked protests on the streets of Chile are fuelling the global climate crisis and the global inequality crisis.  Urgent action is needed by governments to build economies that put people and the environment before economic growth and corporate profits.”

“With time running out to prevent catastrophic climate breakdown, the United Nations must work with governments to ensure that international talks do not lose momentum and that COP 25 finds an alternative home - ideally in Latin America.”


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