Climate talks approach crunch point

Published: 14th December 2009

As the UN climate talks enter their final week and the world’s Development Ministers gather to discuss the human cost of climate change, Jeremy Hobbs, Executive Director of Oxfam International said:
“The negotiations are stuck - rich countries won’t budge on climate cash or emissions targets and the big players don’t want to talk about the kind of deal that will come out the end of the week.  We desperately need world leaders to get a grip on these issues now.
“All countries will need to give a little if we are going to get a deal in time. The big question is whether those with the furthest to go – the rich countries - are ready to play catch up.
“We know what is needed: sharp emissions cuts, $200bn a year in new money to help poor countries tackle climate change and guarantees of action. We will have over 100 of the world’s most powerful people in one place. We have a golden opportunity to avert climate disaster. It must not be wasted.”

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We have a golden opportunity to avert climate disaster. It must not be wasted
Jeremy Hobbs
Executive Director of Oxfam International

Notes to editors

  • A one page summary of where all the key players are going into the second week of talks is available;
  • Oxfam’s Climate Advisors from around the globe are available to provide expert analysis on policy and politics of the talks. Our team of experts is liaising closely with government delegations and party to inside information on the talks;
  • Oxfam celebrity supporters and climate witnesses – women from Bangladesh and Uganda who are struggling to survive in a changing climate - are also available to talk about how climate change
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