EU publishes tax havens’ commitments in step towards greater blacklist transparency

Published: 12th March 2018

The European Council has started to publish the commitments taken by countries to escape the EU blacklist of tax havens.

Welcoming the news, Oxfam’s Tax Policy Advisor Johan Langerock said:

“Publishing the commitments taken by some tax havens to escape being blacklisted will allow for public scrutiny of the blacklisting process. European governments must now pressure all tax havens on the EU's grey list to consent to making their commitments public. The EU must also ensure tax havens implement the reforms they have promised, or else blacklist them."

Notes to editors

  • Last December, the EU released the EU blacklist of tax havens. Tax havens that committed to reforms were put on a ‘grey list’, which has since grown as the blacklist has shrunk. So far, these commitments were not made public.
  • Today, the European Council started to publish the commitment letters of grey-listed countries on its website.
  • Oxfam has called for greater transparency in the blacklisting process, from both the EU governments and tax havens themselves.

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