European Foreign Ministers should tell Israel’s Livni: 'Open Gaza’s borders'

Published: 21st January 2009

To rebuild Gaza we need a superhighway not a country back road, says Oxfam International

International agency Oxfam called on European Foreign Ministers to insist that Gaza’s borders are completely opened to allow the required massive levels of humanitarian aid needed by 1.5 million people into the area and end the 19 month-long blockade at their meeting with Israel’s Tzipi Livni today.“Humanitarian agencies are being obstructed from getting in the quantity and type of aid the people of Gaza desperately need. Aid workers are being stopped at the border and not allowed in.“Massive amounts of aid are needed but it is having to be channeled through a tiny opening. Rebuilding what in population size is the equivalent of Barcelona is restricted to 120 truck loads of aid a day. We need an superhighway for aid not a country back road.“The people of Gaza are living in the world’s largest prison but have fewer rights than convicts. All Gaza’s crossings need to be opened to maximum capacity to allow in the necessary levels of humanitarian and commercial goods. The 19 month-long blockade needs to be ended to allow the people of Gaza to get back to a normal life and the peace process needs top international priority to get back on track,” said Oxfam International’s Director Jeremy Hobbs.The agency added that EU ministers should press all sides to ensure that the ceasefire last and that there is not a return to violence.

To rebuild Gaza we need a superhighway not a country back road.
Jeremy Hobbs
Executive Director, Oxfam International
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