Hillary Clinton at the Busan High Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness

Published: 30th November 2011

Oxfam’s Gregory Adams said: “Secretary Clinton has thrown down the gauntlet about the need for real changes to improve foreign assistance.

“But negotiators in Busan have kicked the can down the road, delaying decisions about a plan for better aid for another six months.

“Secretary Clinton’s challenge can’t be met without global monitoring systems to keep donors and partners honest.  This won’t be decided until June 2012.

“Secretary Clinton said thinking needs to shift from aid to investment. For people in poor countries to take advantage of investments, they’ve got to have the right to speak out about what works for them and call foul when aid is stolen or wasted. Secretary Clinton sent a clear message: development is about rights, and aid needs to support people’s rights to walk their own path out of poverty.”

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