Macron’s hotspot plan for Libya won’t protect people

Published: 27th July 2017

French president Emmanuel Macron has announced today his country will set up a processing centre in Libya for asylum seekers who are trying to reach Europe.

Reacting to the news, Oxfam’s Europe migration campaign manager Claire Seaward said:

“France is unlikely to be able to guarantee safety and human rights for asylum seekers in Libya. But safety and human rights are absolutely essential for people to seek asylum in a fair and effective way.

“Murder, torture and sexual abuse – this is how people escaping Libya are describing their experience in the place they call ‘hell’. Europe must not prevent people from escaping such atrocities.

“Europe has been failing to respect fundamental rights of people in ‘hotspots’ on its own soil. People are living in overcrowded conditions and in detention. This is likely to be much worse in Libya.”

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