More than 60 states signed the Arms Trade Treaty today at the United Nations in New York

Published: 3rd June 2013

In reaction to 62 states signing the Arms Trade Treaty today at the United Nations in New York, Anna Macdonald, Head of Arms Control, Oxfam said:

"More than 60 states today signed the groundbreaking Arms Trade Treaty, with many more committing to signing in 2013. For the first time, there will be global controls on the arms trade, making it much harder for unscrupulous gun runners and human rights abusers to access weapons.

"The most powerful argument for the ATT has always been the call of millions who have suffered armed violence around the world. Their suffering is the reason we have campaigned for more than a decade. Now the words are on the paper, we need the action on the ground so this becomes a treaty about saving lives.

"For the treaty to become binding, we need 50 states to now ratify the treaty in their own countries and for it to become truly global, we need many more than that. This can be done in less than two years, if we all make it a priority."

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