A new UN Mission for South Sudan: UNMISS

Published: 8th July 2011

Oxfam reaction to UN Security Council’s Resolution on the new Peace Keeping Mission

Kirsten Hagon, Head of Oxfam's Office in New York said:

“While the Council’s commitment to South Sudan, especially to protect civilians and human rights, is very welcome, as we saw with the previous missions words need to be turned into action.

“UN troops should not be asked to leave after only three or six months. It would risk withdrawing at a very fragile and uncertain time. It’s difficult to assess the need for peacekeepers based on only a few months as insecurity fluctuates with the rainy, harvest and hunger seasons.

“South Sudan needs durable peace and security and the Mission should stand by the South Sudanese until there is clear evidence that this has been achieved.

“The UN peace keepers will be welcomed and are needed from day one. They need to be deployed urgently, work closely with the Ethiopian forces along the border and protect ordinary South Sudanese. This is a moment of great joy but also one of quiet anxiety.

“There is no time to lose in getting on the ground dedicated military and civilian personnel to prevent and respond to threats.”

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