Oxfam & ONE welcome EU initiative to prevent yet another crisis in the Horn of Africa

Published: 14th May 2012

EU Development Ministers, meeting today in Brussels, gave the green light to SHARE - a new European initiative to boost the prevention of hunger and famine in the Horn of Africa.

Leading NGO agencies Oxfam and ONE welcomed the project as action is needed now to help people get back on their feet and be better prepared for the future. 13 million people have been affected by drought throughout the region.

SHARE (Supporting Horn of Africa Resilience) aims to improve the transition from emergency assistance to long-term development aid. It also aims to strengthen food security and build disaster resilience in the region. The agencies warn it is important this approach is matched by funds. Early indications are that the project would include a package of over € 250 million to support the recovery phase.

Natalia Alonso, Head of Oxfam’s EU office, said:

“Europe is setting a great example by taking action now to prevent yet another crisis. The food crisis in the Horn of Africa is not yet over, and we know that more droughts will strike in the coming years. Acting early saves lives. It is good news that EU Ministers want to replicate the SHARE model to the Sahel region.”   

Eloise Todd, ONE's Brussels Director said

“More than 400,000 members signed our petition urging leaders to break the cycle of famine and take action in the Horn of Africa - today shows Commissioners Piebalgs and Georgieva have listened. We now hope the EU will be able to provide additional funding for this important initiative, and Member States should also step up. Aid that relieves suffering and helps prevent future crises saves us money in the long run - the EU's next budget must continue to prioritize the poorest.”

This joint humanitarian and development initiative follows the aims ‘Charter to End Extreme Hunger’ - launched by leading NGO agencies including Oxfam and ONE to make deadly food crises a thing of the past. The first leader to sign this charter was Kenyan Prime Minister Raila Odinga, and later other leaders including UK Development Minister Andrew Mitchell backed it.

Notes to editors

Read the Conclusions adopted by EU Ministers today: http://register.consilium.europa.eu/pdf/en/12/st09/st09597.en12.pdf

Contact information

Oxfam: Angela Corbalan on + 32 (0) 473 56 22 60 or angela.corbalan@oxfaminternational.org
ONE: Eloise Todd on +32 495 323507 or eloise.todd@one.org

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