Oxfam reaction to award of Nobel Peace Prize to President Obama

Published: 9th October 2009

Washington, DC – In reaction to this morning’s announcement that President Barack Obama is to receive this year’s Nobel Peace Prize, Raymond C. Offenheiser, President of Oxfam America made the following statement:
“Oxfam extends our most heartfelt congratulations to President Obama for such a great honor. In these difficult economic times, with war and conflict ever present, President Obama's leadership has succeeded in setting a new tone that has instilled hope for a better future and spirit of cooperation. Now it is most urgent that the US and all nations work together to secure the necessary results.
“ We hope this recognition builds momentum for the US to use diplomatic leverage and conflict response capacity to prevent mass atrocities around the globe. US civilian agencies must be organized and resourced to prevent and mitigate conflicts and protect civilians when violence does occur. Oxfam also hopes that this recognition will strengthen US resolve to use US leadership and resources for a better world.
“As the President heads to Oslo for the award ceremony in December, we also hope he will join thousands of negotiators and world leaders in nearby Copenhagen to hammer out a global deal on climate change. President Obama’s direct involvement in the negotiations can shift the momentum towards a deal. Global investment in climate change solutions and adaptation can help pave the path towards food security, disaster preparedness, and prevention of disease and war.”

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President Obama’s direct involvement in the (climate change) negotiations can shift the momentum towards a deal.
Raymond C. Offenheiser
President of Oxfam America