Oxfam reaction to the close of UN climate talks in Bonn, Germany

Published: 14th June 2013

At the close of the UN Climate Change talks in Bonn, Germany, Oxfam Climate Change Policy Adviser Jan Kowalzig said:

“Some progress was made toward the climate treaty to be adopted in 2015, but all-in-all these talks have not given us confidence that emissions will reduce and that developing countries will be properly supported to adapt to a changing climate.

“Several developing countries proposed a way to make the future treaty more equitable, by creating a framework that assesses each country’s fair share of emissions reductions. If such a framework is agreed at the next set of climate talks in Warsaw, this will be a major breakthrough.”

“While there were some practical proposals on new initiatives to reduce emissions in Bonn, developed countries still refuse to increase their woefully inadequate emission reduction targets until 2020. Developing countries cannot afford these delay tactics.

“In Warsaw, developed countries must come to the table with new climate finance pledges until 2015 and exactly how much they intend to provide to the Green Climate Fund.”

Contact information

Jan Kowalzig is in Bonn and available for interviews on +49 177 491 7135.

For other media enquiries, please contact Oxfam International Economic Justice Media Lead Sunita Bose on +1 650 353 1936.

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