Oxfam reaction to Friends of Democratic Pakistan meeting

Published: 15th October 2010


Consuelo Lopez-Zuriaga, Oxfam Head of Humanitarian Campaigns, said, 

"The Friends of Democratic Pakistan seem to have forgotten what true friendship is all about at a time when flood-hit families in Pakistan are struggling to put their lives back together. It is nonsensical that in addressing the country's economic recovery, they failed to consider the issue of Pakistan's crippling debt.”

“The Friends have fallen way short of delivering the practical support poverty-struck people in Pakistan need because what they are giving with one hand, they are taking away with the other. 

"It seems that funds desperately needed for emergency aid and reconstruction will continue to be swallowed up in debt repayments. More than a third of Pakistan’s budget goes towards servicing debts and this leaves little for recovery and reconstruction. With 10 million people still in need of shelter as a result of this crisis, we urge the Friends to drop the debt and channel the money towards helping the most vulnerable Pakistanis get back on their feet."  

"We heard from Ashton that today's meeting was about paving the ground for Pakistan's development forum next month. We certainly hope for a much more substantial display of generosity next time around."


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