Oxfam reaction to renewed conflict in Goma, DRC

Published: 23rd August 2013

Tariq Riebl, Oxfam's humanitarian programme coordinator said:

"The shelling of Goma yesterday is a worrying escalation in conflict and poses a serious risk to the safety and security of civilians living in the city. Approximately 43,000 displaced civilians are residing in the Goma area as a result of continued violence in the region. Any increase in conflict means already overstretched camps will be pushed beyond capacity. Thousands of people living on the edge could see their lives turned upside down again.

“In the past few months, a political process has been put in place to address the ongoing conflict in the Great Lakes area. Regional and international governments must stay focused on this process, committing to support a solution that is based in diplomatic dialogue and peaceful resolution."

"Oxfam is one of the biggest agencies in North Kivu province. In the three main camps in Goma - Bulengo, Lac Vert and Mugunga III - we have supported the construction of latrines, showers and garbage pits, assisted in trucking in water supplies, and provided vital sanitation education to reduce the risk of disease in these communities. We have also worked to improve the safety and security of the people living in these camps.

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