Oxfam reaction: World Bank Development Committee

Published: 24th September 2011

Oxfam spokesperson Caroline Peace said:


World Development Report:

“Women do most of the world’s work but have a minority of the world’s jobs.


“The global economic crisis has hit women and girls in poor countries particularly hard – not only is their income being knocked, but women and girls are taking up the caring burden and missing out on education as services are slashed.


“Dealing with the inequalities will be good for women and girls, and good for economies as a whole.”



“Oxfam’s calculations show food prices could double by 2030 due to volatility and climate change. There must be investment in small-scale agriculture, coordinated global action to curb speculation fueling food price volatility, and an end to the reckless land grabs which are costing lives.”


"Oxfam is very pleased by the World Bank’s announcement of new money for the food crisis in the horn of Africa. Much of this assistance is badly needed long-term investment which will help prevent future crises."


Economic crisis and growth

“With the Eurozone crisis impacting investment and aid to poor countries, investment in health, education and agriculture is being threatened.


“While all eyes are on Athens, the economic crisis is costing lives in Africa. The poorest countries are suffering the fallout from a crisis not of their making: aid budgets slashed, children out of school, no money for medicines."


“Rich countries need to agree on innovative ways to raise finance for development and to curb food price volatility.’

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