Oxfam reactive to UN report on Global Ebola Response

Published: 19th January 2015
In response to the UN's report on the global Ebola response published last Friday, Oxfam's Ebola Response Lead Vincent Koch, said:  "We are winning many battles against Ebola but beds, billboards and burials alone will not bring an end to crisis. The priorities need to change. Getting to zero Ebola cases means working alongside the people and organizations that communities know and trust in order to change the behaviors that are putting them at risk. Governments, the UN and NGOs need to roll up our sleeves and put more effort into working in and with communities - they are the key to success." 

"Though this report is a step in the right direction, we need to be open about what has and hasn't worked. We need to see an independent operational review - critical in ensuring that we all learn lessons for the future."



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