Oxfam reacts to G8 Accountability Report

Published: 20th June 2010
"Despite their best efforts to put a positive gloss on their progress, the G8 report shows clearly that the promise made in Gleneagles in 2005 to increase aid will be broken," said Oxfam spokesperson Mark Fried. "The draft G8 communique conveniently ignores the commitment to increase aid by $50 billion, when it should have an emergency plan to fill the $20 billion shortfall over the next two years. These are not just numbers. They represent vital medicines, kids in school, help for women living in poverty and food for the hungry." *Note: OECD estimates a shortfall of at least $18 billion in Gleneagles $50 billion promise. *Note: For Africa figures are even worse. OECD estimates shortfall will be $14 billion on a promise of $25 billion. The G8 has delivered less than half of their commitment.