Oxfam reacts to UN Commission on the Status of Women (CSW 57)

Published: 18th March 2013

The 57th meeting of the UN Commission on the Status of Women (CSW 57), the global policy making body for women’s rights, concluded last night with an outcome document. Governments did not agree to an international action plan for the elimination of violence against women and girls to fast track implementation on the ground.

Daniela Rosche, Oxfam’s gender policy expert said:

“Up to 2.4 billion women will be affected by violence throughout their lives. The elimination of violence against women is essential for realizing a world without poverty and injustice. The International community could have made a significant stance in tackling this crime. However, the outcome document from the conference does not acknowledge the need for an international accountability mechanism on how governments must implement the agreed policies nationally.

“Many governments worked extremely hard to reach an accord while a few bad apples among UN member states failed to block consensus. This is good news.

“In the end, governments could not commit to the idea of an international action plan and this is very disappointing. Without an action plan to ensure accountability, women and girls' rights are going to stay on the back-burner."

"Governments now need to look ahead at how they are going to implement this document. Every single member state needs to work hard to get going on an international action plan and fight for a specific goal centered on the achievement of gender equality within the new post-2015 development framework.”

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