Oxfam welcomes South Sudan ceasefire

Published: 12th July 2016

Oxfam has given a cautious welcome to the ceasefire announced in South Sudan's capital, Juba, that comes after four days of heavy fighting.

Oxfam's Country Director in South Sudan, Zlatko Gegic, said: “With caution but great hope, Oxfam welcomes last night’s ceasefire. We have all been down this path before and we sincerely hope that this ceasefire is an overture to long-lasting peace.

“The people of South Sudan are tired. They have suffered enormously and desperately need stability in order to rebuild their lives. Oxfam continues to help people outside Juba but we, along with other humanitarian agencies, must be allowed to reach the thousands more urgently in need of help as a result of the fighting.

“We call on South Sudan’s leaders to end the fighting once and for all, and the international community to make sure that happens.”

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