Oxfam will not be intimidated by Greece office ransacking

Published: 10th May 2018

Oxfam is shocked by the ransacking of its office in Greece by the self-proclaimed anarchist group Rubicon today. Several people who align themselves with Rubicon raided the Oxfam office in Athens, smashing furniture and equipment, and spray-painting walls. An Oxfam employee was in the office at the time of the attack but was allowed to flee.


Oxfam Country Director, Nicola Bay, said: "This is a saddening assault on a humanitarian organization working in Greece to support vulnerable people, like we do around the world. I am relieved none of my colleagues were hurt, but our office is trashed. All of our damaged furniture and equipment was paid for with money from supporters and donors.


"No assault will stop Oxfam doing what we do: assisting vulnerable refugees stuck between life-threatening situations in their home countries and the barriers the EU has built to prevent these people seeking safety and a better future. We insist on people’s rights to be respected, and on humane treatment for all."


Greek police have opened an investigation into the incident and Oxfam is seeking legal advice.


Contact information

Dannielle Taaffe, Head of News: dannielle.taaffe@oxfam.org / +447917110066