Reaction to the announcement on renewed diplomatic relations between Cuba and the US

Published: 18th December 2014

In response to yesterday's announcement on renewed diplomatic relations between Cuba and the US, Oxfam Country Director in Cuba Jerome Faure said:

"We welcome yesterday's announcement restoring diplomatic relations between Cuba and the United States. The resilience of Cuba’s citizens and Cuba’s commitment to an economic path that prioritizes equality, social policies and poverty reduction has been a notable achievement under extremely challenging conditions.

Present in both countries, Oxfam was delighted to hear the news of the release and return to their countries of prisoners from the US and Cuba. This thaw in diplomatic relations brings the possibility of further progress as well as strengthening of inter-American relations. Following the announcement of this news from Raul Castro, streets across the island of Cuba filled with celebrations.

We commend President Obama for taking bold action to right the wrong of decades-long failed US policies toward Cuba, including removing limits on remittances that support humanitarian projects, but it is only a beginning. We call on the leaders of both countries to continue working towards removing obstacles and promoting closer ties between them.

Oxfam has worked in close partnership with government institutions, local partners and communities, the academic sector and Cuban civil society since 1991 in promoting active citizenship, gender equality and disaster risk reduction. We will continue to do so as the implications of today’s announcement take shape."

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  • Katia Gianneschi, Media Relations Oxfam Canada, (613) 240-3047

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