States make “big step” towards an Arms Trade Treaty

Published: 4th March 2011

Baffour Amoa, spokesperson for the Control Arms Coalition said:

“This week, governments took a big step towards the establishment of a robust treaty to regulate the international arms trade. Despite serious efforts by some states to derail or weaken the process, we are now beginning to see a principled treaty take shape.

“Events in the Middle East and North Africa have reminded governments that they cannot continue to operate like in the old days. They have a responsibility to ensure that any weapon, ammunition or equipment will not be used against innocent civilians. The Arms Trade Treaty under negotiations will ensure this by requiring governments to refuse transfers of conventional arms if there is a substantial risk of serious human rights violations, war crimes or terrorist acts.

“We have to keep up the pressure on States until the next round of negotiations in July 2011 to make sure they come prepared and willing to agree strong provisions on the implementation of the treaty.”

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Why are we calling for a global arms trade treaty?

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