Top UN Climate Official Resigns: Oxfam comment

Published: 18th February 2010

Following todays announcement that Yvo de Boer is resigning from his role as Executive Secretary of the UNFCCC, Antonio Hill, Senior Climate Advisor for Oxfam International said:
"De Boer's tenure at the helm of the UN climate negotiations will be remembered as an extraordinary period – when climate change went from being one of many environmental concerns to a standing item on the agenda of political leaders across the globe.
"Though de Boer moves on world leaders have barely started the job of tackling the climate crisis. With the lives and livelihoods of billions at stake they could learn much from de Boer's perseverance as well as his uncompromising commitment to do what's necessary – not just what's easy."

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World leaders have barely started the job of tackling the climate crisis.
Antonio Hill
Senior Climate Advisor, Oxfam International