World Inequality Report: Government action key to ending inequality

Published: 14th December 2017

Responding to the release of the World Inequality Report today, which reveals that income inequality is rising in many countries but at very different speeds, Max Lawson, Head of Policy for Oxfam’s Even It Up Campaign said:

“Extreme inequality harms us: our societies, our economies and our politics. Yet the World Inequality Report shows inequality is not inevitable – it is the product of government action and inaction. 

“Oxfam research reveals that three quarters of governments are doing less than half of what they could to tackle inequality.  This must change. Extreme inequality and poverty can be eliminated if governments invest in healthcare and education; build fairer tax systems that ensure corporations and the super-rich pay their fair share; and protect the rights of workers.”


Notes to editors

Oxfam and Development Finance International’s Commitment to Reducing Inequality Index ranked 152 governments and found that 112 countries are doing less than half of what they could be doing to tackle inequality.

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