Oxfam reaction: On Somalia's new President

Today marks a historic day in Somalia, as parliament elected Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, as the country's new president. Mohamud has worked in civil society organizations, and also previously worked for UNICEF.

Senait Gebregziaher, head of Oxfam in Somalia, said:

"For many Somalis, this means a new start, and it's an opportunity that cannot be squandered.  The people in Somalia that I have spoken to want authorities to listen to them, and they want their needs and desires met.

Somalis everywhere are watching these changes, and any new leaders have a responsibility to serve the Somali people better.

With all the attention on the political transition, the world must not forget that Somalia is still in the midst of a humanitarian crisis and many communities are facing a worsening situation. Addressing their needs should be the highest priority."

Contact information: 

Geno Teofilo, Media Lead, Oxfam in Somalia
Mobile: +254 737 500 035

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