From Agenda 2030 to post-Paris climate action: Six areas in which the Dutch Presidency can drive EU implementation of global deals

Oxfam Recommendations to the Dutch Presidency of the European Union January - June 2016

Publication date: 13 January 2016

After several path-breaking global deals for sustainable development and climate action were brokered in 2015, the time has come for the EU to deliver on its promises. The Netherlands have taken on the first EU Presidency of 2016 and are in a position of great responsibility to set the direction for this implementation. From the Agenda 2030 and the Sustainable Developments Goals to the Paris climate deal, a decided approach is necessary to ensure the EU leads on implementing these vital agreements.

Oxfam has outlined a series of actionable recommendations for the Dutch presidency to champion international cooperation and drive the EU’s commitment to global justice in its present term.