Fair Company–Community Partnerships in Palm Oil Development

Publication date: 21 May 2014
Author: Annemieke Beekmans, Jan Willem Molenaar, senior consultants, Aidenvironment; Jonas Dallinger, consultant, Aidenvironment Asia

Palm oil production can lead to greenhouse gas emissions, land grabs and exploitation. This paper points to four key principles for designing partnerships between communities and companies in palm oil that can benefit both: freedom of choice, accountability, improvement and respect for rights (FAIR). These principles for FAIR partnerships are intended to prompt a rethink of current development models. This paper calls on companies and financial institutions to invest in these types of partnerships.

This is a joint paper from Oxfam International and Aidenvironment.

The author of the shorter issue briefing of the same title, Fair Company–Community Partnerships in Palm Oil Development, is Johan Verburg, Oxfam Novib.