Further into the Margins: A regional report on Roma communities displaced by the Ukraine crisis

Publication date: 29 September 2023
Author: Iyer, Padmini

Executive Summary

This regional assessment presents the key findings and recommendations from Ukraine, Poland and Romania on the situation and particular challenges facing Roma internally displaced persons (IDPs) and refugees from the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Even before the invasion, Roma communities in Ukraine lived in dire conditions marked by high levels of poverty, segregation, sub-standard and overcrowded housing, and lack of access to essential services such as health and education.

The report documents the differential impact of war and displacement on Roma compared to other Ukrainian refugees and offers recommendations for EU and national policymakers, donors, NGO staff and volunteers on both short-term responses and long-term advocacy. Data for this assessment was collected through interviews and focus group discussions in April-June 2023 in Ukraine and Romania and in 2022 in Poland. Interviewees included Roma refugees and IDPs, representatives of Roma-led organizations, representatives of international and national NGOs, and authorities.