Saving Lives with Common Sense

The Case for Continued US Support for the Arms Trade Treaty

Publication date: 25 September 2013
Author: Scott Stedjan, Senior Policy Advisor for Humanitarian Response, Oxfam America

On September 25, 2013, US Secretary of State John Kerry signed the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT). The ATT is a common sense agreement that will have a positive impact on civilians living in the midst of armed conflict or unstable environments, poverty alleviation, and US security.

By signing the Treaty, the Obama Administration took an important step toward a more secure world. Now is the time for the US Senate to do its part and support this life-saving Treaty.

Key recommendations from the report:

  • The Arms Trade Treaty is in the US national interest: it prevents the harm that comes with the illicit and irresponsible international arms trade, furthers the establishment of a global order that allows for the legitimate transfer of arms, and does not interfere with firearms rights in the United States.

  • The US Senate should welcome the Treaty and move forward with providing its advice and consent to ratification.

  • By becoming a State Party to the ATT, the United States will be able to participate in implementation of the Treaty; propose, debate, and vote on amendments; and influence the budget and staffing of the ATT Secretariat.

  • US ratification will encourage other countries to support the Treaty.


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